I’m Heidi, Product Designer based in Tallinn, Estonia.

I’m passionate about building digital products - providing delightful user experience while solving complex business problems. I’ve been involved in product development for over 8 years.

One of my first most challenging, yet successful projects was productivity and time tracking tool Toggl Track. During those 2 years I led its mobile team, which managed to grow ratings from 2 to 4+ in App Store and Play Store. As a designer, I was focusing on understanding users’ needs and creating a design system to build a product that people would love to use.

In the recent years I’ve been working at Veriff - a global tech company building a visionary AI driven verification platform. As a product designer, I established a data-driven design process when working on the end-user facing product. This included consistent A/B testing and remote usability testing, making decisions based on the collected data, collaborating with researchers and developers in order to gain deeper understanding of the users and provide a holistic experience across different platforms.

Aside from building digital products, I love cooking, gardening and doing yoga. I’m a food blogger since 2018 and enjoy capturing food as much as making it.