Idealism identity February 2015

In collaboration with Rasmus Lelumees

Idealism is a small design and web studio in Tallinn, Estonia. In this project we created a visual identity for ourselves. The final logo represents the power of geometry and simplicity. Less is more so things started moving when the name of the studio (Idealism) was projected by using only triangles and rectangles. The final composition was just a combination of those letter-based geometrical shapes.

"Perfection means simplicity"

The second version of Idealism logo was again the outcome of combinating the geometrical shapes and taking the meaning of “idealism” or perfection into consideration. Perfection means simplicity and precision so the circle and square were an obvious choice. The final version of the second logo represents a diamond-like shape inside the circle. That is how we see the perfection or Idealism.

About the colors

Black or dark gray do not age and represent quality and high value or expense. Pink is a striking way to catch attention and to make the look fresh. As quite a few studios (at least in Estonia) use this kind of pink color, it was a way to differentiate as well.